Algorithm Free Radio.
Real DJs and Handcrafted Streams.

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Requires macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or newer

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- There are still thousands of great radio stations broadcasting over the internet. Many of them are commercial free and play fabulous music. If you like the personal touch of a live DJ spinning tunes for you try FrogRadio. If you prefer handcrafted streams instead of algorithmically programmed music you have come to the right place.

- We have a database of over 25,000 radio stations from all over the world. Searchable by Country, Genre and US State.

- Are you tired of web audio players and having to leave your browser open to listen to your favorite station? FrogRadio is a native Mac app that provides a better listening experience!

- You can have a Favorites folder to organize as you like.

- FrogRadio will display Album Art for the currently playing track if it can find it.

- FrogRadio focuses on independent radio stations with a diverse selection of music from around the world.

- FrogRadio does not require a sign up, login, or an account. (For syncing between devices an Apple iCloud account is needed.)

- No ads. No subscriptions.

- A curated list of Featured stations is provided as well as occasional Specials.

Dark Mode is supported:

Over 25,000 stations in our database.
Organized by Country
by Genre
by US State

You can search for your favorite artist or station:

All the fantastic SomaFM channels are available in FrogRadio.