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Privacy Policy
If you opt-in FrogRadio will collect some information: the station you are listening to, (we do this to see what stations are popular), some information about your computer such as operating system version, what Mac you have, FrogRadio version, etc., (this helps us debug problems). We do not collect your email address, your IP address, or any other personal identifying information. You can opt-in or opt-out in Preferences.

If you purchased FrogRadio on the Mac App store Apple has some of your personal information but we can not access it. If you purchased FrogRadio on our website here has your email address which we can access. We can not access your payment information. We would only use your email address to retrieve your license code if you lost it.

If you contact us via our support email address we keep your email address only as long as the support conversation continues.

If you have an Apple ID, FrogRadio stores your station list on Apple's iCloud to enable you to sync your stations across multiple devices. No personal identifying information is ever stored by FrogRadio on iCloud. There is an option to delete your iCloud station list in FrogRadio's Preferences panel.