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Frequently Asked Questions:
1) Can I use the Mac version on more than one Mac?
Yes, as long are you are the only person using it.
2) Where is the station I was listening to yesterday?
If you like a station mark is as a favorite and it will always be in the Favorites folder; easy to find.
3) How come all songs don't have Album Art?
The services FrogRadio uses to search for album art MusicBrainz and Cover Art Archive, are community maintained and rely on volunteer efforts to keep their databases of music meta-data and album art up to date. While the encyclopedia of data that has been created is amazing it is not complete or perfect. Therefore some album art will be missing or incorrect.
4) Why don't I see track names sometimes?
Not all stations include track information in their music stream.
5) I can't find any music or stations I like.
Explore the Genres folder, or try the search icon.!/tags
6) I want to read your Privacy Statement.
Read it right here.
7) How can I find something new to listen to?
Try some of these search tags.
8) How do I write a FrogRadio script?
Scripting help is here.