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The FrogRadio Support Team - 2020-04-21 11:49:58-07:00

We added podcasting support to FrogRadio 1.4.0 for macOS and released it recently. We are now adding syncing, via iCloud, to the app which will allow you to keep your podcast subscriptions, listening positions, etc., synced up between multiple Macs running FrogRadio. The new syncing feature is in the testing phase and will be released soon.

If you have not tried listening to podcasts on FrogRadio it's quite simple! First, turn on Podcasts in Preferences. Then use the search panel to find something you want to listen to. You can enter the name of a podcast you know or try entering a subject you are interested in. Then check the search results folder to see what was found. To subscribe to a podcast, select it and the press the favorite button. FrogRadio will the add the podcast to the Podcasts folder and show new podcast episodes as they are published.

Podcast listening is not yet supported in FrogRadio for the iPhone but that will be coming soon…

Enjoy FrogRadio and podcast listening!